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12" size cuttings



Kaneohe Sunrise Beautiful rainbow blend including red, orange, pink and yellow, with red lines radiating from the center, kind of like a starburst. 3 1/2" with ovate petals that slightly overlapped. A mild peachy scent, sweetly scented, impressive intense color combination. A huge splash of golden-orange throughout the entire center and grainy hot violet-pink make this beauty stand out and shout. Petals are of thick texture, moderately overlap, and excellent keeping quality.  Narrow strong red band on back. Recommended for the coast. Modest Variation in color over life of flower. Thick branches.


  • Color: Red, orange, pink and yellow
  • Flower Size: 3"
  • Blooming: Great Bloomer
  • Growth: Avarage
  • Scent: Sweet Peachy
  • AKAs: none
  • Notes: Believed to be the Best of the Kaneohe Plumeria.

Plumeria Kaneohe Sunrise 2 or 5 cuttings

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