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Rainbow Eucalyptus 

(Eucalyptus deglupta)


Quantity : 25 seeds

Rainbow Eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus deglupta ) is a large, fast growing tree that is native to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. This tree is famous for the array of colours that are visible as it sheds its bark. We are often asked whether this tree is real and can understand why; this species does look like they are from a painting or photoshopped; appearing too beautiful to be real. One of the owners of ‘The Seed Vine’ was lucky enough to see these beauties in real life in Costa Rica, back in 2008.

Unlike many eucalyptus species that shed their bark in huge chunks and often all in one season, the Rainbow Eucalyptus sheds small, thin strips all year round; that reveal a green colour underneath, that can sometimes look fluorescent. Over time as this fresh new bark ages, it changes colour that can be range of shades of yellow-orange-bluish-grey-rusty red; eventually drying out and peeling to start the process over again. Due to the small pieces shed and the continuous nature of its shedding, the tree is always full of different colours.

Other common names include Rainbow Gum, Kamarere and Mindanao Gum.

The Eucalyptus deglupta can become a very tall tree in its native habitat. They can reach heights of 75 metres tall and 30 metres wide, with a trunk of almost 2.5 metres in diameter. However, outside of their perfect climate; they are rarely seen over 30 metres tall and 16 metres spread.

The flowers are typical of a Myrtle, small clusters of white-cream coloured frilly flowers approximately 4 mm in size. Leaves start out a but pinkish as while they are young, developing into a dark green and some say don’t have a strong eucalyptus smell, but rather a slightly fruity smell … but this seems to vary between noses.

The Rainbow eucalyptus is a fast growing tree that can grow up to 1.8 metres per year. It does not tolerate  drought or frost, so although can be grown in warmer Temperate climates requires high care if it is to survive. Suited to Sub-Tropical and Tropical Climates.


Eucalyptus deglupta are grown on coffee plantations in Costa Rica as shade for the coffee trees because they are fast growing.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is commercially grown in tropical regions for paper pulp and can be ready to harvest within 5-6 years.

Unfortunately this species is endangered in its natural regions due to logging and deforestation.

Although the oil produced from the Eucalyptus deglupta has shown anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; it does not produce enough oil for it to be used for this purpose commercially.

Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) 25 Seeds

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