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Satakentia liukiuensis


Type: Seedlings

Note: We will sending seedlings with wet coir. So, no damage 

during delivery time. 


Somthing About This Palm Tree.


Satakentia liukiuensis is known among palm enthusiasts around the world as one of the most beautiful of all the palms, with a unique chocolate-colored crownshaft, perfectly and closely ringed trunk and deep green, long, perfectly arching, flat pinnate leaves with long, closely spaced leaflets. This Japanese native is surprisingly cold hardy considering its closest relatives are Neoveitchia (super tropical palm) and Carpoxylon (fairly tropical as well)… but saying that, it is still a very marginal palm in California with very few having success in growing up to trunking size.


Satakentia liukiuensis can survive freezing temperatures to about -3.8°C (25°F), but freezing is best avoided. This species naturally occurs on islands in moist montane forest, and is heavily affected by the surrounding sea temperatures, which are constant and often form sea mist and cloud. Under extreme freezing conditions we recommend you keep this palm as dry as possible, and well wrapped up. Satakentia palms tolerate and thrive in a very wide range of soil conditions.




Satakentia is one of the most trouble free, low maintenance palms in existence. In a very wide range of growing conditions, its stature and beauty make it the preeminent palm of choice for a wide range of applications and growing conditions. The exquisite purplish-brown crown-shaft with striking leaf scars also make it one of the more stunning palms in the world. Very tropical. Similar landscape use to the coconut palm. Rare in cultivation and vulnerable in the wild.

Satakentia liukiuensis /satake palm/ 03 seedlings,#Rare palms

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