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Live plant 

Size : 8"-10" Inches Size


Sepalika (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) is a plant that grows in abundance in the Himalaya regions, Burma and Sri Lanka. Its flowers, roots and bark are used to treat various ailments and illnesses. Its flowers generate oil similar to that of saman pichcha flowers. 


Medicinal uses : 
Sepalika is used to treat conditions such as ringworms, phlegm and dandruff. 

Home remedies : 
Phlegm : Prepare a concoction of Sepalika bark and grind with betel leaves to remove excess phlegm. 

Ringworms : 
A concoction made of Sepalika leaves is used to treat ringworms. 

Scurvy : 
Crush Sepalika seeds to make a powder. Add some water to make a paste and apply on infected gums.

Sepalika Plant (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) 8"-10" Inches Size

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