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Verschaffeltia splendida


Type : Live plant  (with pot)  or (Bara roots plants)

20Cm - 30Cm size (high)


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This is a monotypic genus.
Uses: The timber from this palm was historically used for the production of water gutters and the walls of huts.

Verschaffeltia splendida is Endemic to the Seychelles. This canopy or under-story tree grows in moist tropical forests, on steep hillsides and ledges, from near sea level up to 850 m altitude, and is common above 300 m.


Erect palm up to 25 m tall, usually much shorter. Trunk smooth but scarred where leaves have fallen; spiny when young; rings of dark spines pointing downwards at top of trunk on older trees; numerous aerial roots at the base. Leaves up to 3 m long with bi-lobed apex. Leaf stalks (petioles) spiny on young trees only. Flower stalks (inflorescences) up to 2 m long, drooping beneath leaves of crown. Fruits spherical, brownish-green becoming red when mature.


The distinguishing feature of this palm from the Seychelles, is the stilt roots supporting the slender stem. The leaves split along the margins irregularly with age, and may appear pinnate. The dark brown fruit that are produced on hanging infructescences are 2-3 cm long. 

Verschaffeltia splendida / Stilt Roots Palm / 20Cm - 30Cm size (high) Live plant

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