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Artocarpus nobilis Thwaites (Wal-del)

Seeds Quantity : 10 Seeds 


The greyish-brown trunk exudes a white sap when injured. The heavy crown consists of large, stiff, dark green ornamental leaves. The leaf bud is enclosed within an elongated whitish stipule. The leaves of saplings are lobed and hairy. Mature trees leaves are broadly ovate in shape with a tapered base and pointed apex, scalloped and slightly curved up at the margin, about 14-32 cm long and 8-23 cm broad. Fleshy, erect, rod like inflorescences are seen at the leaf nodes, turning into a fruit composed of multiple segments enclosed within persistent bracts. Seeds are edible.


Common sinhala name:
Wal Del

Wal-del , Ceylon Bread Fruit x10 Seeds (Artocarpus nobilis Thwaites)

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