Common Name In Sri Lanka:
Scientific Name:
Elaeocarpus serratus 
Other Names:
Ceylon Oliver (English)


Plant Size : 6" - 10" Inches


A tree with a yellowish-white trunk and spreading branches.Young parts are velvety. The young leaves are brownish-green, turning from dark green to red just before falling off. Leaves are thick, ovate in shape with a teethed margin, tapered base and rounded apex, about 5-10 cm long and 3-5 cm broad. White, tassel-like flowers are borne on a red axis in groups at the leaf nodes. The fruit is ovoid and fleshy about 2-3 cm, olive green, one-seeded, and edible. 

Sub-canopy species mostly found in forest edges - up to 900 m.

Special Notes
Native tree to Sri Lanka. Fruit rich in Vitamin C. Also also found in home gardens. 

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